Touring, river cruise and ocean line operators have complex itineraries, with multiple overnights and varying group sizes. In any one day, they may feature multiple drop-offs, city tours, venue visits and various dining or entertainment options. As cities and points of interest become more crowded and restricted, it is harder for guests to feel relax and enjoy their visit. Vox Tour Guide Systems change things. Our radio-guides are the best in the business and guests will feel relaxed because they can listen to their local expert’s commentary while wandering at will.  Vox POPGuide smartphone applications, with offline navigable mapping and your branded contents, ensure guests can personalise their experience, plot pick-up points and enjoy your suggestions to get away from the crowds in free time. Vox2Go is brand new for 2019: long-lease 4G smartphones to supersede coach Wi-Fi with free calls and data and the latest itinerary technology from POPGuide.



The museums sector includes galleries, places of worship, cultural attractions and heritage centres. A major feature of customer satisfaction in these venues is based on dwell-time and great narrative but the problems are complex: how to deal with multiple languages, availability of qualified guides, cost and reliability of audio equipment and more… Vox Tour Guide Systems are the perfect solution for group audio guiding, with high quality transmission, long battery life and range and reliable pairing. POPGuide smartphone application provides independent visitors with high-quality audio and 3D mapping on their own phones. Vox 360 is hybrid audio guiding with an optical code reader. VoxOverWiFi is new for 2019 – it allows group audio guiding without hardware costs, uniquely using the visitor and guide own smartphones.



Travelers expect and presume hotels are keeping up with technology. This means more than mobile-friendly websites, simple navigation and easy-to-use booking engines. Hotels need to offer more information and value on nearby attractions, venues, and restaurants and provide navigation to the destination’s top attractions and local venues, and back to the property again. POPGuide will do all of this and more, by replacing paper maps and brochures and engaging the guests with your front desk, both inside and outside your hotel, making your hotel the hero of the destination. Vox City Guide and Vox City Unmissable Visits are high commission B2B2C products that offer full audio sightseeing and museum visits for independent travellers in multiple languages.





As any savvy retailer knows, personalisation in travel is the new frontier. Online or offline doesn’t matter, it’s essential. Holidaymakers increasingly crave experiences that engage them with their destination and the local people, while enjoying flexibility and freedom. Vox City Guide and Vox City Unmissable Visits are B2B2C products for independent travellers visiting major cities. They provide full navigation, audio sightseeing and museum visits in multiple language. These digital tours operate on the client’s smartphone and are easy, high commission add-ons to flights or hotels. POPGuide, the B2B sister of Vox City, is a low-cost value-add and should be included with all bookings. It has flexible content, offline navigation and gives you trend data on guest activities. It is branded in your name and covers over 600 cities.




In the past, most consumers relied on visitor centres, to gain physical maps and brochures and insights. Now, travellers access an infinite amount of destination information online and make bookings in their own home but in many cases will arrive unaware that the best experiences and insider information is largely available only locally. With POPGuidedownloaded on the visitor’s smartphone, you become the centre of the visitor experience once again, so can engage local businesses and entrepreneurs as sponsors to create an immersive and original self-guided audio experience of the sights. You can also move visitors off the beaten track to some of the lesser known attractions with sophisticated offline navigation and bespoke walking, cycling and public transport routes. We’ll even help you distribute via OTAs, travel agents and tour operators. Vox Tour Guide Systems audio-headsets are perfect for local guides when they escort scheduled or ad-hoc groups around your city, venues or facilities.



Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) is tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for an event or meeting. Logistics can be extremely complex, and components are often expensive and limited in scope. Vox is an expert in cost-effective solutions. Our Vox POPGuide smartphone application provides sophisticated audio and 3D venue mapping as well as city navigation and calendar contents that are custom branded to connect you with delegates throughout your event. Vox Tour Guide Systems provide simple on/off audio guiding hardware to ensure group guiding and transfers are seamless. This same hardware, used with our portable control panel, also allows Simultaneous Translation services that require no wiring or time-consuming set-up.