Frequently Asked Questions


In which countries can I rent Vox whisper radios for my tour group?
They are available in over 40 countries around the globe through our local Vox offices.


How do I receive my rental equipment and how do I return them?
In the US and Canada deliveries and pick-ups are done by FedEx. We’ll ship the radios directly to your hotel or office. After the tour all you need to do is place the return label on the box and leave it at a FedEx location, or at the front desk of your hotel. We’ll take care of the rest. In other countries we deliver either by courier or in person.


What items are included in a rental?
You will receive a transmitter, microphone, receivers and new earbuds for each customer. Depending on the duration and location of the rental we may also include spare units and batteries.


I have an older Vox system, can I trade it in towards a newer version? 
Yes, we do offer reduced prices on new sets if you trade in your old units.


Do you offer seasonal rentals?
We do, they are for a minimum of 4 months and restrictions apply.


Can clients talk back?
This is a one way system from guide to client. Two way communications can be disturbing during a tour. Questions are usually asked directly to the guide and he or she can decide to share it with the rest of the group.


What about interference from other tour groups using this system?
We have many available channels to be able to operate multiple tours in one area.


What is the range?
Generally about 200ft. Depending on the area it may be more or less. It is recommended for group members to stay within visual range of the guide.


Can I use the headsets in the rain?
This system is not waterproof, however the radios are used in all conditions. They are small enough to be placed inside a raincoat or shirt pocket.


How heavy are the receivers?
About 3.5 ounces, including batteries. A set for 50 people will fit in a 16″×12″x6″ carrying case.


I have used a Vox system on tour in Europe, is this the same?
It is identical, except for the frequencies.


Can I use my own earphones?
Yes, unlike some competitors our radios do not have proprietary headphone jacks but a standard 3.5mm. For safety reasons we do suggest to always keep one ear “open” during walking tours.


Where is Vox based?
Our main office for North and South America is in Scottsdale, AZ. The head-office for Europe and Asia is in Rome, Italy.



For more information or reservations contact us at +1 480 659 1074 or