About Us

Extensive experience in the Tour Industry.

Voxnetwork USA is part of the Vox Group which operates in many countries around the globe . Started in Italy in 2000, Vox was the first company to offer rentals of tour guide systems and making it an affordable way of enhancing guided tours. Our listening devices made it possible for guides to conduct tours without having to shout, and guests being able to hear regardless of ambient noise or crowds. Because of their versatility our radios are used by many tour operators, museums, factories, universities and convention centers. Today we are the leading company in our field and have expanded around the globe. Our Rome office is in charge of Europe and Asia and our USA office in Scottsdale, AZ handles North And South America. Recently our equipment also became available in Australia.

As a company that always thinks ahead we recently launched a digital map called POPGuide. This app based map can be made for any city in the world, is completely customizable to the needs of your company, works off line (no roaming) and also generates additional revenue. A major benefit is that there are no development costs involved making it a great product to offer to your guests.


Only company to offer services globally
Extensive hands-on experience in the guided tour industry
Excellent customer care and affordable rates