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Over 4 million people a year use Vox equipment on tours around the globe

  • Purchase or Rent
  • Multi Channel Capability
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Rechargable Option
  • Easy to Use
  • FCC Approved

The Benefits

- Group members can hear regardless of ambient noise or group size

- Guides no longer have to shout to be heard

- Range up to 250 ft, guests can take in surroundings while listening

- Tour guides can talk while walking with group

- Eliminates “strangers” listening in

- Cost effective tool for conventions and simultaneous translations

- Rentals available in over 35 countries

Just a few of Our Clients

Vox News

Vox in Australia

Vox Tour Guide Systems are available available in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll keep you posted here.

EPCO Radioguias & VOX

Costa Rica: carlos.chacon@voxcostarica.com

Peru: peru@epcoradioguias.com

Seasonal Rentals

Do you tours only operate part of the year? Why not rent our radios on a seasonal basis.


The future is here! Visit www.popguide.me for more information.

Trade in your Vox Devices

Are your radios out of warranty or looking to upgrade? Trade in your set and get a discount on new models.


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