Our radios are used by millions of travelers worldwide each year. Vox whisper systems allow a guide or presenter to lead a tour group without having to shout, making guided visits more enjoyable for the guests. Due to their versatility our radios are also used for factory and museum visits, as well as simultaneous translations.





– Group members can hear regardless of ambient noise or group size
– Guides no longer have to shout to be heard
– Excellent range, guests can take in surroundings while listening
– Tour guides can talk while walking with group
– Simple and user friendly design
– Rentals available in over 35 countries



NEW: POPGuide is a high-quality, offline mapping app for any device. It provides travellers with audio-visual sightseeing and other travel experiences that are integrated with a city’s points of interest and personalised to their individual itinerary needs. POPGuide will add value, build retention and grow profits for your business.

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POPGuide, an innovation by Vox

POPGuide is a B2B technological solution for our partners, generating revenue and enhancing the experience of visitors worldwide.

Tom Markwell joins Vox

We are pleased to announce that Tom Markwell has joined Vox USA as Vice President of Sales.

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Trade in your used Vox devices

Are your radios out of warranty or simply looking to upgrade? Trade in your set and get a discount on our newest models.


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